"HEIST" is a Top-Down stealth game.  (and our first project)
We were inspirated by the old-school game "The clou!" (1994)

Before each heist you get a map of the location
(Alarms/Guards/treasures/bonus objects...) to plan your heist before you break in. After that you start the heist and the game turns into real time and you control your avater. You move around, hiding for guards and stealing objects. Each object belongs to one of three groups: Green (less money/less time), Yellow (some money/ time), Red (much money/much time).
You´ll get less money from a green object than from a red object, but you´ll steal it faster than the red object, which costs alot of time.
There also 2 bonus objects, which will unlock a bonus stage when
you collect them.

- Different places you went on your heists: urban streets, secret bases,  warehouses, museums, hotels and more
- over 15 missions
- More ways to complete a heist
-AI: Guards patroul around the buildings and doors and other stuff is protected by different alarm-systems
-Each object can be used by the player, but it costs much/less time if the player steals/uses an important/less important object

Screenshots (Final):

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